Haley is an intelligent agent platform.
Create intelligent interactions with
people, devices, and data.

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Launch A.I. Applications easily
Create intelligent interactions
Create APIs for data access, webservices, and predictions
Recommend and predict information with machine learning
HALEY AI-as-a-Service
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Add Haley Chat Widget to your Web/Mobile application
Intelligently Automate Customer Interactions
Provide Concierge Services
Collect Customer Analytics and Survey Information
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Intelligently Automate Tasks
Control Internet-of-Things Devices
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What's in Haley AI?


Run bots, Dialog System, Databases, Scripts/Webservices, and Predictive Models

SDKs & Client APIs

Access Haley A.I. service from your applications via a Websocket interface


Multiple users and devices can listen in and send messages

Dialog System

Keeps track of the conversation on a channel and determines what reponses to messages should be generated


Amazon Echo, Slack, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, iPhone, Android, JavaScript, NodeJS, Java, Jibo, EMail, Google Cloud Speech


Devices participate in channels, advertise their status, and consume commands


Where to apply Haley AI?

Intelligent Customer Automation

Automate Customer Service, Customer Support & Surveys

Concierge Services

Sales Associate and recommendation system for your company's products and services

Information Access

Easily access enterprise information and reports. Automate calendar scheduling, personal task management, planning, and travel

Team Coordination

Automate project management and task coordination


Create an intelligent conversation partner with the latest gossip, a storyteller for the kids, a companion or worthy opponent in adventure games

Device Control & Management

Automate and manage Internet-of-Things devices


Automate follow ups to ensure adherence to appointments. Create a social partner

Education & Knowledge Management

Access knowledge resources via natural language requests. Track Questions and Answers

Financial Services

Automate curation of data, generation of reports and compliance

Haley A.I. User Interface

On this web application UI, multiple users participate in "MyHome" Channel. When asked for the weather report, Haley replies with a weather information card that is visible to all participants in the channel. Through a private channel, Haley and a user (or device) can communicate one-on-one.

Haley Bots

Similar to "Apps" on a SmartPhone, various "Bots" run on Haley Platform to implement certain capabilities. Here, Haley defers to the "ShoppingBot" to help users shop and find products of interest. Find out other "Bots" Haley offers.

Haley in your Application

Add Haley Chat Widget to your Web/Mobile Application to interact with your customers or employees. Automate customer assistance. Customize Haley to suit your business needs and improve customer satisfaction today! Test out here

Haley in Embedded Devices

Haley is a great fit for embedded devices. The Haley client uses standard websockets to communicate with the Haley service. A device can leverage Haley easily as long as it is on the Internet. The AIMP messaging standard provides a secure and extensible means of device communication. We currently use Raspberry Pi's running Linux for our Haley device implementation.

Haley A.I. Technology

Haley A.I. Big Picture

Servers, Algorithms, Data

Your Application

Connect your application with Haley. Create an ongoing dialog among application users and Haley.


As a cloud-based service, Haley sends, receives, and processes messages in a distributed scalable server environment. Haley generally follows a publish/subscribe model with users and devices subscribing to "channels".

A.I. Algorithms

Haley initiates sending messages when conditions require, such as new data becoming available. To do this, Haley uses a variety of A.I. Algorithms from rule-based systems to machine learning derived predictive models.


Haley manages user data, device data, and data derived from external sources - including public sources (like Wikipedia) and private sources (like internal customer data). This data is generally kept in a form accessible to Haley as knowledge, so it can be utilized in A.I. Algorithms.

Haley A.I. System Architecture

The Haley A.I. service is implemented in a distributed architecture. Messages are delivered to Bot implementations, which may make use of services including databases, external web services, and predictive models to generate responses. Bots also run periodically to determine if a message should be generated, and if so, generate it. It could be a notification of an upcoming meeting, or a warning due a change in the weather.

Messages use a standard protocol called AIMP (Artificial Intelligence Message Protocol). AIMP messages travel over standard HTTPS Websockets. The data contained in AIMP conforms to JSON (or Binary JSON) enabling its contents to be parsed and interpreted.

Haley A.I. follows a "#Channel" Model

As participants on a channel, a user or IoT device receives messages delivered to that channel. A participant may send a message to a channel, and the Haley service will replicate that message to all other participants. For example, if 5 people are on the "#business" channel and one sends "Hello" to the channel, then the Haley service will send 4 replicated messages of "Hello" out to the other participants.

The primary Haley "bot" is like any other participants in the channel. She receives messages on every channel. If Haley determines that she is the intended recipient of a message, she will respond. This can be done explicitly by addressing Haley ("@haley, hello!"), or the context can indicate that Haley should respond.

As participants in the channel, IoT Devices typically send "heartbeat" information to Haley to specify the current condition of the device (i.e. the IoT device is online and switched "on"). If a user sends a message like "Turn off the device" to the channel, Haley can determine which device the user refers to and send a message to the specific device to "turn off". The device can reply that it is "turned off". The administrator of a channel controls rights to access the channel, which may include rights specific to the participating devices.

Haley A.I. is a service of Vital AI.

You can find more information about Vital AI here: http://vital.ai

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