Haley A.I. Dialog Designer

Haley bots combine dialogs, workflows, rules, data, scripts, and predictive models into an A.I. agent that performs ongoing tasks for you and your business. Haley dialogs define short conversations that Haley has with people or devices to perform a task, which may be part of a larger business process.

As a simple example, if a person says "Haley, what is the weather today?", a dialog will ensue that will (1) convert the text into a structured "intent" to undestand the request, (2) cause Haley to determine the location of the person making the request including (3) if Haley doesn't know the location already, ask a question of "What is your location?", (4) calling a weather API to find the weather at this location, and finally (5) reporting the weather back to the requesting person either verbally or visually.

The five steps above are a good example of breaking a task into steps that can then be plugged into the Dialog Designer to create a dialog for Haley, such as in the screenshot below.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Dialogs are developed using the designer, which allows dialog steps to be dragged-and-dropped into place. The steps are then configured as needed with parameters, such as the question to ask a user, the predictive model to call, or the query to run.

Dialog Designer Steps

Dialog Steps:

  • Launch Bot / Exit Bot
  • Launch Dialog / Exit Dialog
  • Loop to another step
  • Create a Block
  • Send AIMP Message / Receive AIMP Message
  • Send Text Message
  • Send Text/Boolean/Multiple Choice Question
  • Upload File / Receive File
  • Assert a Fact / Remove a Fact / Persist a Fact
  • Query using MetaQL or Filtering Entities & Relationships
  • Call an External Process
  • Call a Predictive/Recommendation Model
  • Call a Script/Webservice
  • Use Chat Rules/Determine Intent
  • Access a Workflow Planner
  • Call Workflow Step
  • Receive Payment / Perform Promotion